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Sound Oasis® Bluetooth® Tinnitus Sound Therapy System®

Discover the ultimate solution for managing tinnitus with Play. This innovative device offers you 20 meticulously crafted built-in sounds, specifically recommended by esteemed audiologists worldwide. Dive into a world of soothing melodies and find respite from the challenges of tinnitus.

Immerse yourself in an audio oasis with Play’s integrated Bluetooth technology. Stream your favorite sounds or music wirelessly with a Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet (10 meters). Experience the freedom of wireless connectivity as you create your own personal sanctuary of sound.

Enhance your relaxation journey with the Sound Oasis Professional Tinnitus Frequency App, included with Play. Immerse yourself in a diverse range of calming sounds meticulously designed to alleviate tinnitus symptoms. Unwind, find serenity, and embark on a path towards improved sleep with this powerful companion.

Enjoy uninterrupted tranquility with Play’s versatile power options. Utilize the built-in rechargeable battery, providing you with 4-5 hours of continuous use per charge. Alternatively, keep Play plugged in using the included charging cable for extended periods of blissful sound. Dive into the soothing world of Play and experience the transformative benefits it brings to managing tinnitus.

Audien  Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Audien BTE (Behind the Ear) Rechargeable OTC Hearing Aid

Experience Unparalleled Sound Quality with the New Audien BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing amplifier. Elevate your hearing with the clearest, highest-quality sound available in an over-the-counter hearing assistance device. Designed by Audien, renowned for their sleek and comfortable hearing devices, the BTE model ensures exceptional hearing performance. It features advanced digital technology, including four environmental modes, background noise reduction, feedback cancellation, and two directional microphones per unit (four in total).

Say Goodbye to Missed Conversations and Hello to Superior Sound. Audien hearing devices excel at amplifying speech while reducing background noise, allowing you to effortlessly engage in conversations with friends and family. Experience the consistent, long-lasting, and sharp sound quality without any whistling or feedback issues. With customizable volume control, you can easily adjust the amplification to meet your individual needs. These devices are perfect for enhancing high tones and improving TV dialogue clarity.

Rechargeable for Uninterrupted Use. The Audien BTE hearing amplifiers are 100% rechargeable, offering convenience and freedom from the hassle of tiny button batteries. With wireless magnetic charging technology, you can enjoy a 20-hour battery life with just a quick two-hour charging time. The included charging case provides up to three full charges, giving you a total of 60 hours of amplified sound. Simply place the devices in the case, and they will wirelessly charge, ensuring you’re always ready to hear your best. Experience the ease and reliability of Audien sound amplifiers, ideal for individuals with dexterity issues or those tired of constantly purchasing and replacing batteries.